Good Afternoon Local 92, this is your 4:30 pm callout for Monday May 29th, jobs to be bid on for Tuesday May 30th from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

Attention Local 92 Members, A message from Business Manager, John Desrosiers:

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

Please click here to see an important letter from NDP Leader Rachel Notley regarding her position on Union Workers issues as they relate to the upcoming Provincial Election being held Monday May 29th:   


Attention Local 92 Members: There will be a Monthly Membership Meeting being held on Saturday, May 27th, 2023 @ 9:00 am at the Edmonton Union Hall (15104 121A Ave). All members are welcome to attend.


Attention Members: There will be a Celebration of Life for Brother Phillip Allison on May 27, 2023. From 4:00-10:00 pm at the Microtel (317 Sakitwaw Trail, Fort McMurray) in the Willie Courtoreille room. The time is to accommodate friends and coworkers, so they can attend.


A message from Business Manager, John Desrosiers:

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

I would like to start by thanking each one of you for your continued hard work and excellence. It is your professionalism and skill that make our local and contractors shine, proving Unions build better.

The outlook for 2023 is promising with the upcoming construction forecasted to be extremely prosperous. The announcement of major capital projects in the Edmonton region will prove beneficial to the Local as signatory contractors are expected to be awarded a large portion of the work. These projects will be completed under our recently ratified collective agreement which saw an increase of 15.7% over the next year – increases much deserved by the hard-working members of our Local.

The Local is engaging in negotiations for many of our collective agreements. I am happy to announce two memorandums of agreements have been signed in recent weeks, which saw increases not seen in many years – similarly to our general construction provincial agreement. Our negotiating committee has your best interests at heart and will ensure the membership receives a deal mutually beneficial to the membership and contractors.

As the provincial election quickly approaches, I urge our membership to vote for the party who will not only back Unions, but remove the barricades and sanctions imposed by the anti-Union government currently in power.

As we approach the summer months and warmer weather, I remind everybody to remain safe both on and off the jobsite. Again, thank you brothers and sisters for your hard work and making Local 92 an exemplary Union.

Fraternally yours,

John Desrosiers




PREMAY- SMJV ELKO 28KM’S 48” STRINGING – NGTL AGREEMENT (JOB# 55906)- is requesting 1 EXPERIENCED PIPELINE LABOURER to report ASAP at 7:00 am for orientation to perform pipeline labour duties including Stringing, Tarping & Stockpiling. Must be physically fit & have previous Experience to bid as this job will be screened by a Business Agent. Must also have PCST, WHMIS-2015 and First Aid. Duration is 1 week+ and LOA is available at $178/day. The rate for this job is as per the NGTL Agreement.





EDM EXCHANGER – NUTRIEN               2N/H                      2291-2292

FORT MCKAY- SUNCOR                        1G/L(LOCAL)            1857

PCL(MELLOY)- SUNCOR BP                   1RECALL                  2301




Lac La Biche training in June will be offered on-demand, please call the training center at 780-423-7722 if you would like to book one of the following courses:

•            ESC Confined Space

•            Wildlife Awareness

•            WHMIS 2015

•            Flagging

•            Gas Detection


The following courses have been added to the Fort McMurray schedule:

•            APR - June 8

•            RPE - June 9




Please click here to read an open letter sent on behalf of the Canadian Building Trades and Affiliated Unions. This message is very important and must be read and shared. 


Attention Members:  

There are several scholarships now available.  Please check our home page for more information. ( )


**Attention Members:

Sandwich Dayis returning! It will be held on the first Wednesday of each Month. First come, First serve.



 Please be advised that effective January 1st, 2023, the Monthly Membership Dues have increased by One Dollar ($1). Dues will be $41/month - as mandated in the International Union Constitution, Article XVIII Section 7c.


**Please Note** we will not be accepting cash for payment of dues, however, you can pay via debt, credit card, cheque, or money order. Thank You for your co-operation and please stay safe.


To complete an E-Transfer, the individual MUST follow the following steps:

·      One time only 'add new contact': Local 92 - while logged into your bank account & ensure that you click 'notify by email' Then enter the following email address:

·      When sending your E-Transfer, please ensure that in the message box you put: Members Name & Member Number (if you have it) or Members Name and last 4 digits of the Members Social Insurance Number EVERY TIME you send a E-Transfer. This will ensure that the payment is applied to the correct member.

·      If you are unable to send e-transfer as an automatic deposit, you will not be able to use the e

-transfer option. 

** Please note, it is imperative that each e-transfer sent must indicate the members information in the message box (Members Name & Member Number (if you have it) or Members Name and last 4 digits of the Members Social Insurance Number)**


***Please be advised that if you have not been previously dispatched to any Pipeline Jobs through Local 92, you will be required to provide proof of experience PRIOR to bidding in the form of a ROE or Letterhead from the Company you previously worked for.


Notice to Members enrolled in the voluntary RSAP Program: Please remember if you have not worked in a 6-month time period, your RSAP will go dormant. Please call the RSAP Program to re-test at 1-888-493-0725. If you are unsure of your RSAP status you can call Amanda Stefanizyn at the Edmonton office directly at (780)801-5126. Local 92 does not govern or administrate this program and we do not want Members going to site with no pre-access or active RSAP status, as this means you will not gain access to the site immediately and could potentially miss out on pay due to having to test when you arrive.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Local 92 does not send members for Alcohol and Drug testing. The contractors require you to take these tests as per the site owners. You must refer to your dispatch slip and call the phone number that is listed next to "A&D Testing" in order to have a test booked in your area. Please do not proceed to orientation until you have spoken with the contractor.  

Please ensure that all your tickets and skills are updated and on file for bidding purposes. Please do NOT bid on any job that you do not have the required tickets for. Any members who have any further questions regarding Local 92 dispatch rules, please call 780 426 6630 and speak to a business agent. 

Any members that wish to read the Collective Agreement that they are working under can access them by visiting the CLRA (Construction Labour Relations of Alberta) website.

Please note: it is becoming increasingly more important that ANY members who accept a dispatch to any site, have a VALID Government issued photo ID. If you do not have valid government issued photo ID please do NOT accept a dispatch.